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When you use the services and products of Ruiterplaat Recreatiebeheer (Ruiterplaat Vakanties and Z'ANDvilla's) it is possible that we register your personal data. In this privacy and cookie statement you can read more about how we guarantee that your data will be handled in a careful manner.

At Ruiterplaat Recreatiebeheer, we find it important to build up a lasting relationship with you. This way we can not only make your current holiday unforgettable, but also reward you for recurring visits. For this purpose, we collect and store some personal data.

Booker details

When booking a holiday home at Ruiterplaat Recreatiebeheer, you must indicate some preferences. Think of the accommodation in question, the number of travellers, the arrival and departure dates and additional items. We keep this information in our systems, so that the accommodation is ready for you when you arrive.

We also register the name, address, place of residence and date of birth of the booker. We use this for administrative purposes, such as the correct processing of the booking and payment, but also for testing the minimum age of 25 years of the booker.

Contact details, especially your telephone number and email address, are used by us to inform you before, during and after your stay at Ruiterplaat Vakanties. Think of relevant information for your holiday and a welcome-home email, in which we ask you to be satisfied with your stay.

A deposit is included in the cost of your stay. For the refund of this deposit we use your bank account number.

If you book an accommodation from Ruiterplaat Recreatiebeheer through a party other than Ruiterplaat Vakanties or Z'ANDvillas, we will receive the above information via this third party. To change or view this information, please contact both this third party and Ruiterplaat Vakanties.

In some cases we use other parties for our IT services. If these parties have access to your data, we will see to it that these data are handled carefully.


Through the websites of Ruiterplaat Recreatiebeheer it is possible to subscribe to our newsletters. These newsletters contain interesting news and relevant offers relating to Ruiterplaat Vakanties or Z'ANDvillas. The newsletter itself contains a link to unsubscribe from the newsletter service. When you receive a newsletter it is possible for us to see if the newsletter has been sent and received successfully, how often and if the newsletter has been opened and if the links in the newsletter have been visited.


At the end of your visit, you may be given the opportunity to report areas for improvement or to give compliments by means of a satisfaction survey. If you indicate this, part of the review can be placed online. Only your holiday in a sentence and in a nutshell, possibly in combination with your surname, will be put online at the accommodation in question and the date of submission. The other data you enter can be used to improve our services and will be kept for a maximum of two years.

Data retention time

We keep the booking data for as long as we need it for our main purpose: to offer pleasant and well-groomed holidays. In doing so, we comply with the legislation of the General Data Protection Ordinance. We use and store a number of personal data in order to provide our services. If we do not use and store these data, it will not be possible to provide our services.

As long as we need your personal data for the performance of our services, we will retain the personal data, unless statutory obligations (including at your request) dictate otherwise.


By using the websites of Ruiterplaat Recreatiebeheer, you agree to the use of cookies. The websites of Ruiterplaat Recreatiebeheer use cookies for a number of reasons:

Analysis: By analyzing your user experience on the websites, we can better serve you and other users in the future. This enables us to determine which parts of our websites provide a pleasant user experience and which parts can be improved.

Preferences: By remembering certain preferences, such as arrival and departure dates, we try to increase your ease of use. We also use cookies for this purpose.

External: We also use cookies from Google, among others. For example, our advertisements can be shown when you have shown an interest in our services or when you have visited our website(s). By using these cookies we try to offer you interesting and appropriate products and services.

Affiliates: When websites refer customers, for example via TradeTracker, these referral sites may be rewarded. Cookies are used for this purpose. The booking details are not shared with third parties, but the user activities are tracked with the aid of a cookie.

When you visit one of our websites, it is possible that we store some data. These are data about the web page where you come from and go to, your browser and device, your IP address and the date and time of your visit. This information cannot be traced back to individual users, but by segmenting the users we can analyse and improve our online presence. This allows us to see which pages are of particular interest to which type of users or how many visitors a particular website receives.

Cookies are stored for a maximum of 26 months. During this period, user statistics can be analyzed to interpret and predict user activity. If you want to unsubscribe from all cookies from Google, you can use this link.

View, modify or delete data

At your request, your data can be changed, viewed or deleted. You can also withdraw your consent to the processing of your data at any time. Requests can be sent to or in writing to our office, both stating your name and address. We will respond to your request within four weeks.